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Cool flowers!

Flowers are pretty cool with all their colors and variations.
I remeber when I was in 5th grade, I loved putting together books and shrines with flowers.

Here are some that I really loved!

Spider lily

There is an old legend that says these flowers grow where ever people part ways for good. They are also associated with death and final goodbyes.
Spider lilies are native throughout Asia (Korea, China, Japan).
I've never actually seen them in person, though they are very beautiful.


These used to grow in my front yard at my old house. I would always pick them and give them to my friends in the neighborhood.
People say that lilacs are earths way of saying that we have survived winter. They represent confidents so they make a good gift for graduates!
Cut lilacs can make a room smell very sweet and fresh, so they are used in some air fresheners....


These represnt hope, and because I am obsessed with Danganronpa, natrually these would be on the list.
my grnadmother tried to grow them byt I never saw them grow.... oh well.


These beautys represent luck and fortune, native to Asia and the Americas.
They need lots of water, so make sure to water them lots if you plant them!
They grew at my great grandmothers old nursing home, I liked to pick them and set them around the building lol